Do you want to be a Booster?

Being a Booster allows you to spread the draws that you like from the Famefan platform and generate income. You don't need to know anyone. It's super easy. By providing personal information, you register as a booster. You must include your bank information in these fields so that we can deposit your earnings when you request them, which you can check whenever you want by entering your dashboard or commission control panel.

You select the raffle that you want to spread by simply copying the link and pasting it into your social networks. And you will receive the 20% that this raffle establishes for the booster on each ticket sold from your account.

The link to be copied must always be extracted from the platform and is found on the page of the raffle to be promoted. You can promote more than one giveaway while it is active.

As a Booster, welcome to FameFan!