What is Famefan?

We welcome you to our multi dynamic platform, where you will find the most incredible raffles on the planet. PRIZES such as: VIP Clubs - Cell phones - Televisions - Travel - Recitals - Bitcoins - Super amazing Money Gift Cards and all the prizes you always dreamed winning! All of this in one place—impressive combos for the price of a single ticket. YES 1 dollar = 1 ticket. The more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances of winning. And, very soon, you will be able to raffle anything you want in FameFan and directly monetize it.

How do I participate?

Super simple. You CLICK on ENTER, complete your registration, and that's it! Now you can buy your ticket. You can purchase one or as many as the raffle allows.

How do I know who won the giveaway?

Each GIVEAWAY has a scheduled end date and time. And it is done through our platform with a letter and number code via encrypted roulette. And use Instagram Live to broadcast live. All draws are audited by a notary. If you missed the Live, enter the draw on the web and you will see the winner's result there, as well as published on our networks.